Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Funday Flight To Jackson

Today the weather was finally good for flying,  Heck, it was just beautiful, and just right for a breakfast flight. 

I took my friend David up for a flight.  David is a licensed pilot but hasn't flown in over 15 years.

A slight cross-wind from 300 at 6+ knots and we took off and headed to Jackson leaving the runway and hitting the skies right at 8:30 am.

At Jackson we were initially set to do a straight-in approach to Runway 25, but then the wind started blowing a fair bit from 330 at 10-12 knots. So the Tower started routing all aircraft to use Runway 32, which I hadn't ever landed on before.  Did a right base to 32, following a Cessna in and did a very nice landing if I say so myself, and David approved so that works.


Had a nice omelet at the on-airport restaurant, which has great food as always, and then we headed back to Pontiac. 



Weather was just beautiful on the way back as well.

I let David fly us back to Pontiac once i had us up to cruising altitude, and he was rather smooth, even with a two- handed death grip on the controls. He had a great time and had no problem keeping it pretty much on course and altitude.

I used the time to get the ATIS and listen in to traffic at Pontiac.

Pontiac got pretty busy. At 12 miles I checked in and idented, and as the Tower was giving me instructions and he got stepped on by another pilot so I had to ask Tower to repeat them.  

Tower got a little ticked off at the other pilot and then repeated my instructions.  

First he set me up for a 2 mile close downwind entry to Runway 27L, then amended the instruction to do a wide downwind, then he further amended  his instructions to continue downwind with his calling my base and then foing do a wide base leg and land on 27R. Kinda figured he would shift me over to 27R,  so it wasn't a big deal.

I then did another darn nice landing, and then we refueled and put the plane away.

1.5,  2 great landings, a great breakfast, and a very happy passenger.


B said...

Yup. We flew top Terre Haute fopr breakfast today as well.

Aaron said...

B: Nice. Looks like flying season is almost here. This week we're about to get socked in good, including 1-4 inches of snow tomorrow, but hopefully next week things will open up.