Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Detroit BLM Still Beating A Very Dead Horse

A drug-using-felon-that-shot-at-a-police-officer-dead-horse to be precise.

The ill-chosen poster child for Detroit's BLM moment,  Hakim Littleton was a gang member and druggie who was properly shot by police after drawing and firing two shots at point-blank range at a police officer.  

All of this was caught on camera in July 2020, so there's no dispute as to the facts.

That doesn't stop Detroit's BLM group and other race card players from continuing to make stuff up and demand "investigations" of a very open and shut case.

The Detroit News: Hakim Littleton's family, group demand 'credible' probe of police shooting

They make a laughable claim that if Littleton was White and from nice Grosse Point rather than Detroit it wouldn't have happened.   

Since Whites from Grosse Point don't tend to shoot at police when approached, they may very well be onto something there.  

However, since that's not what they mean, I can pretty much guarantee that if a person pulls a gun on a cop and fires some shots at them from a few feet away, you are going to get shot in response to your actions, regardless of your color or geographic origin.  

Detroit's BLM White supporters are certainly invited to go try this out and lets us all know what happens, you know, for science.  Lest you think that is encouraging progressive idiots to commit suicide by cop, that is sarcasm and not written with an intent for idiots to actually try same.

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