Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Detroit BLM To Police: You Need to De-escalate When Someone Shoots At You

You really can't make this up. Detroit BLM and other usual suspects, including the ACLU of Michgian, who one would think knows better as claiming Police should not have shot Hakim Littleton after he shot at a Police Officer at point blank range and luckily missed.

They're still at making attempted cop-killer Littleton a BLM model victim.

The Detroit Free Press: Detroit organizations call for end to excessive force in response to Hakim Littleton death

More than a dozen Detroit groups banded together to demand the Detroit Police Department change practices and independently investigate the death of 20-year-old Littleton, who was shot by a DPD officer July 10 near San Juan Drive and West McNichols Road in the Bagley neighborhood of Detroit.

"Although Chief James Craig immediately characterized the killing as an appropriate use of force, members of the community are left with many questions, not the least of which is whether the death could have been avoided altogether if officers had used the law enforcement profession's best practices and employed de-escalation techniques," the organizations said in a joint statement.

Let's look at the bodycam footage:

No sure what de-escalation technique is appropriate when a guy fires two shots at your head, generally returning fire is the approve technique.

Apparently they want police to stop policing and going after gang members involved in crimes involving a prior shooting:

"In a period when the already tense relationship between law enforcement and Black communities has escalated to unparalleled heights, there is no place for sudden, aggressive police tactics. Such increases the likelihood that fear and impulse will control citizens' reactions, and serious injuries and death may be the consequence. Community and civil rights organizations call for an independent investigation to have important questions answered about police conduct in this instance."

Yep, they're working hard to make a thug on probation after na armed robbery who shot twice at a polcie officer a BLM Hero:

"Our community is outraged and heartbroken at the death of Hakim Littleton and at the brutality used against protesters and community members," reads the joint statement. "Particularly at this moment, as #blacklivesmatter has become ubiquitous, we demand accountability and proclaim that all state violence against the Black community must end!"

Maybe Hakim shouldn't have shot at the police, and then they wouldn't have to be heartbroken as a community.

Detroit BLM and the listed organizations have lost all credibility with their championing Littleton, assuming they even had any credibility to begin with.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

A part of me is to let the community get the policing they really want good and hard...let the cops leave the "community" and let the bodies and crime skyrocket and when they cry about the dead tell them,"it is what you wanted...No policing" until they beg for the police to return, but it isn't fair to the innocents that would be caught in the crossfires as the guilty kill each other off.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

Poor victim selection on the part of aspiring Rap Star Dindunuffin Littleton. Kudos to the officers who did what needed to be done, and went home to their families.