Thursday, July 02, 2020

Wisconsin, After All, Must Have Been A Confederate State

I've been having a wonderful Facebook argument with some leftist relatives (including one very involved in his states Democratic party) who think taking down the various statues are just dandy because of feelings of people who see any statue of white people who might be identified as slave owners or fought for the confederacy and that the statues are only there solely for white supremacy.

I then brought up its gone far beyond that given the push to dismantle the Emancipation Memorial, desecration fo the Lincoln memorial, Churchill, and abolitionists such as the destruction of the Statue of Hans Christian Heg at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The response - He defended it on the basis that the people who tore down Heg didn't know who he was, they saw a Civil War Soldier and figured it must be a statue to white supremacy so it had to go.

I replied: The mob of Wisconsinites should have known and learned about their hometown hero Hans Christian Heg.

Thus since they tore down a statue of a Union hero, while they may have been indoctrinated they clearly were not educated. Since the statue is in Wisconsin, geography dictates that Wisconsin is about as northern a state as you can get. History would show Wisconsin was, being not only geographically northern, but also politically firmly on the Union side as a free state as opposed to a slave state. Further, had they read the plinth they would have seen in rather big letters that he was the colonel of the 15th Wisconsin Volunteers – not a confederate unit by any means.

Why Wisconsin would have a confederate statute at their capital would bogle most people’s imagination, had they had any. Had they’d known history they could likely also have been able to figure out the difference between a Union and Confederate uniform as well.

Instead the mob decided statues of white people were bad and tore it down accordingly, so yeah we’re way beyond just confederate statues – which removal of same is basically the Democrats sanitizing their less than savory history as the pro-slavery party. Now, we’re at desecrating the Lincoln memorial and busts of Churchill, and mobs of lefties now seriously arguing about removing Gandhi’s statue.

1984 was not supposed to be a how-to manual.

This is really not going to end well, especially when someone who would consider himself a moderate Democrat party member is going out of his way defending such actions and unable to condemn them.


Chuck Pergiel said...

Once a mob gets fired up, logic and reason no longer apply. I blame the COVID-19 lockdown. People are out of work and can't figure out what to do with themselves, so they go looking for something to do, and some of them go looking for trouble. Rabble rousers have a ready made audience. If you wanted to start a war, now would be a perfect time.

B said...

Gotta vent that 2 Minute Hate somewhere....

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

He has to support them because "Orange man bad"....That excuse works as well as any other....