Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Quite A Deliberate Ignoring of Reality Going On In BLM World

If you disregard facts, evidence, and bodycam footage, you can create some really impressive false narratives about white supremacy everywhere.

 Two op-eds in the Detroit Free Press highlight this rather ridiculous narrative.  Both are very selective in dealing uncomfortable or contrary facts to their worldview and typically gloss over them in the most dishonest manner.

The first of course see white supremacy everywhere and blacks are apparently victimized by police on a regular basis:

Does Chauvin verdict signal real change or is it a mirage? 

The most recent episodes of excessive and fatal police force against Black bodies continue to air on our TV, phone and computer screens.

First, this whole "black bodies" thing the Lefty academics do is rather curious.  After all it's rather dehumanizing isn't it? - I mean I consider black people to not just be  some undefined anonymizing "black bodies" but, you know, actual individual people and not just some mass of bodies.   But then again, that would imply that the Black bodies have agency and actually are responsible for the choices they make - like committing crimes and resisting arrest and the consequences of same.

And why shouldn't we be afraid, when you consider the minimally illegal alleged offenses for which police and civilians — some of them people of color — have killed Black men and women over the last 30 years? Lt. Nazario (license plate) and Daunte Wright (car air freshener) are now added to the exhaustive list of Blacks — including Eric Garner (cigarettes), Alton Sterling (bootleg CDs), George Floyd (counterfeit money), to name a few — who receive maximum and lethal force for minimal crimes.

First, let's note Lt. Nazario wasn't killed after he was resisting arrest, but nice try.

Second, quit lying about Daunte Wright - he was pulled over for an expired registration and had a felony warrant out for an aggravated armed robbery.

Third let's see here - to begin with, it's not the minimal crimes that they committed - minimal crimes I might add passed by Democrats in their cities and states - that caused them to get in a situation where they might die, but the fact that every single one of them decided that resisting arrest, in many cases violently, was the way to go.   I;m impressed he failed to add Freddie Grey to the list who was killed while trying to beat a police officer to death - not good for the narrative I suppose now that the whole hands up thing has been dis proven as a lie.

 Though I am afraid I, too, will one day join the decades-long list of legalized racially motivated killings, most of all, I'm afraid that most of white society doesn't care that I'm afraid.

Here's some good advice Mr. Alemu, as a PhD candidate and thus an academic with a lack of knowledge of the world outside your ideological bubble, the secret to not getting killed by police is twofold: One - try not committing crimes in the first place. Two, Do not resist arrest if you do commit a crime and it will work out ok.  

He also swings for the fences with a fun false comparison: 

Must we accept that protests for the killing of Black bodies trigger the deployment of a state's National Guard almost immediately, while hundreds of whites — some armed — are able to stage a coup of our nation's Capitol with little to no police resistance, despite weeks of warnings?

Let's see, $2 billion dollars in damages by BLM so far and over 22 deaths, and the promise of more riots, arson, and confrontation if Chauvin wasn't railroaded, compared to a demonstration - not a "coup" - where nothing was set on fire and the only casualty was an unarmed woman killed by a police officer?  

Pull the other one dude, it's got bells on and you can only lie so many times in one op-ed.

The next op-ed gets even cuter: Chauvin verdict is the exception, not the norm, in 'justice' system

While news of the verdict was still sinking in, we learned that police in Columbus, Ohio killed a 16-year-old girl, Ma’Khia Bryant.It was at least the second time in weeks that police killed a child; Chicago police shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo on March 29.  . . . It was not any safer to wake up today as a Black child, a Black elder, a brown child, or anyone vulnerable to the murderous gaze of white supremacy in the U.S.

Oh come on now, she must think the readers of the op-ed are amazingly ignorant. 

Let's remind everyone, as the opinion piece quickly and neatly glosses over it, and totally ignores the fact that dear sweet Ma'Khia Bryant was in the process of trying to stab to death two other black girls when she was shot. It also ignores that little gang-banger Adam Toledo was turning with a gun in his hand after running away from police after he and a fellow felon had shot up a passing car.

Totes innocent victims of police brutality, neh?

The op-ed goes on extolling the virtues of defunding police and incarceration of criminals which will be just great for Detroit - if you're a criminal.  For everyine else, not so much.

Sadly these rather trite fact-optional views seem to be taking sway among the left, which will have bad consequences for all of us.  Facts are clearly merely things that get in the way of their rather false narrative.


B said...

THat's pretty much the thoughs of most Liberals.

Have you read Earthboun Misfit?

THese folks are just innocent victims...all of them.
Straight from choir practive to dead because of police brutality.

Pigpen51 said...

30 years ago, I took my 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son to Tiger stadium, to see a ballgame. We parked probably 5-6 blocks away, and walked to the stadium. Passing many people on the street, standing or leaning on cars, just hanging out, they talked with us, wished us a good time, etc.
After the game, we walked back, with much the same vibe, people asking how was the game, talking to my kids, acting like normal decent citizens. Just as an aside, the population was mostly black, but my dad's friends from the foundry that he worked for 38 years were largely black, and I grew up playing with their kids. And I spent 35 years in a different steel factory, making metal for the investment cast industry, where some of my closest friends were black. So I was not racist in any overt way.
I went perhaps 4-5 years ago, to the new Comerica Park, to watch a game with my oldest son, now 38 years old. I have a 29 year old son also. We parked perhaps 3-4 blocks away, in a paid lot. Walking to the field, I was totally amazed. They have tried to fix up parts of the area, close to the field, restaurants and bars, etc. But on the walk to the field, we saw nothing other than homeless people, mostly mentally out of it, much of it due to excessive drug or alcohol use, from the looks of things. A woman holding a doll, treating it like her child, we saw her both going in and out.
Empty lots, with debris that had been tossed there for years, it appeared. I did not feel safe, and my son told me that I even had to leave my knife that I carry everywhere, a pocket clip, in the truck, since they have metal detectors at the entrance.
I was seriously disappointed in the changes, since when I was young, my dad always took us to Michigan and Trumble, for a twinight double header, every summer, and now, I would not even dare to drive there again.
I have to drive my daughter to the U of M hospital several times a year, in Ann Arbor, and even though that is a very large city, and it has some scary places, I never felt concerned about driving there, even when I got off track and drove through some of the less wealthy places. Time does change things, it seems.