Wednesday, April 07, 2021

University Visits: Swarthmore

Located in the outskirts of Philadelphia, less than 20 minutes from U Penn,  but in many ways a world apart. Swarthmore College offers a very serene and walkable isolated campus with some stately buildings and naturalist landscaping.

 Lots of nice buildings in a quiet wooded environment that is completely apart from the city itself but close enough to go into town.

The historic Sproul observatory built in 1907 and completed in 1913 when it had the largest telescope on the east coast of the US.  It has since been replaced as an observatory at Swarthmore:

Swarthmore is very big on environmental science and the environment in general.  Every class year plants a tree on the campus.  Here's one from the class of 1875, an Elm that is 146 years old and still growing - 

They have some solid science programs, and it offers a small student body and  a very comfortable and walkable campus and it is definitely under consideration.

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