Thursday, April 29, 2021

If You Are Blatantly Lying About that, What Else Are You Lying About?

Yet another op-ed in the Detroit Free Press, on the topic of police.  By an ex- Detroit Chief of Police no less.

The Detroit Free Press: Former DPD chief explains what needs to be done to restore trust in police

Get a load of this whopper:

Or they may be one of millions who, over the past few decades, have witnessed violent and brutal police interactions with unarmed citizens through viral videos from the assault on Rodney King in 1992 to Tamir Rice in 2014, George Floyd in 2020 or Ma’Khia Bryant and Andrew Brown, just this month. 

Hang on there ex-chief. 

Ma'Khia Bryant had a knife and was in the process of stabbing someone at the time she was shot.   This is not in question, nor particularly controversial. That is not unarmed, no matter how much BLM wants to now classify knife-assaults as non-armed encounters.

We will note also that Tamir Rice had a fake gun that he was reaching for as he was shot as well.   We can also further note that Rodney King, George Floyd and Andrew Brown were all busy resisting arrest, and while we are still waiting for the details of Andrew Browns acts they may have included trying to run over police with a car.

It makes one wonder about the reliability of his recommendations, not to mention the reliability regarding his claims of dealing with police from his own past.

Detroit's crime rate when ex-chief Isaiah McKinnon was chief of police was rather high, with an average of 487 murders per year.  Hardly a success and the murder rate started dropping after he left office, so you can draw your own conclusions over how effective he was as a police chief. a

If he can't even get some basic and obvious facts right nor even be honest and accurate in defining the problem, one must wonder about how much his recommendations are worth.


BC said...

It makes me angry how some people are trying to get scumbags who were doing scumbag stuff a pass when there are actual innocent people that get tuned up by police behaving badly who never get a mention.

Like the 73 yr old lady with dementia in CO who gets her shoulder dislocated by some shithead cop, who then takes the video back to his office where his shithead cop buddies laugh at her.

Aaron said...

BC: Yes that incident with the elderly lady looks extremely bad. You;re right that its a very razor sharp focus, typically in defense of thugs who are busy resisting arrest and not of the population as a whole.

Elinathomas said...

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