Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Got A Pfizer Stick In The Arm Today

Abby and I got vaccinated today.  It took more time to find a place giving vaccine shots than anything else really.  Distribution in Michigan is still a mess with still changing rules and arbitrary and almost Calvin-ball like procedures.

After getting turned away from one place last week for a given reason that we weren't technically in their area (a 8 minute drive away) and no there was nothing posted about a certain area before we arrived.  Also, said vaccination location spot  had been giving shots to people outside their area  - a friend of mine got his there which is what clued us in to it and they had told him that people could come get them - not so much, or there was a shift and policy change within an hour. 

So we found another location and called and made an appointment for this week and we went in today and it was very straightforward and efficient.  Held at a pediatricians office no less.

Checked in, got our temperatures checked, then went to the needle station and  sat down. Got swabbed and then got stuck with a very thin and sharp needle which was no more than a pinch.  Out of the chair  and then had to sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes before heading out and the next person got theirs administered.  No big deal and very professionally done.  Already scheduled for the follow up shot.

Humorously enough they allow you to take a video of yourself getting the shot if you want,  and one guy wanted to do so, so they asked us to move form the chairs we were sitting in after the shot so we didn't get in the video due to HIPAA regulations.  Never-mind that we had to have, and did have masks on so we were unlikely to be identified in the video but hey, whatever makes them happy.

The arm injection site was sore and actually felt like it was burning for a little bit but that since went away.  Nothing serious in the realm of side effects to report so far.

These modern vaccines are rather awesome products of modern scientific effort and Trump's Operation Warp Speed.  Be interesting to see if the mRNA technique can be successfully applied to other viral infections.

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