Thursday, March 25, 2021

Note The Disparate Narratives Between The King Soopers And The Atlanta "Massage" Parlor Shootings

Two mass murders, occurring days apart, but being treated rather differently by the media and politicians.

First, as keenly noted by ProudHillbilly, Al-Issa was known to the FBI. He thus joins the long list of many other "known wolves" that the FBI knew about but did little to interdict.

Second, and I'd like more confirmation of this, but it appears that the killer, now identified as Syrian refugee Al-Issa allegedly swore allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

He also drove 30 miles out of his way past lots of other supermarkets to attack this particular store which happens to advertise a large array of Passover items for sale.

Arutz Sheva:  Report: Boulder shooter swore allegiance to ISIS, targeted 'Jewish store'

King Soopers website indeed advertises the grocery chain as “Your One-Stop Shop For Kosher Groceries.” The chain also has stores included on a Vaad Hakashrus of Denver list of stores that carry kosher items.

Citing a source in Boulder law enforcement, Loomer also told the National File that the shooter had sworn allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

Again, I'd certainly like further confirmation from other sources, but if this is confirmed, will the media start reporting this as a terrorist attack directed against Jews by a mentally-deranged ISIS enthusiast? 

Or are they just going to bemoan "gun violence" and ignore any motives when it doesn't fit their narrative?  Interesting how the media and Democrats fail to speculate on this shooting whereas they went all out to immediately establish an untrue and speculative narrative regarding the Atlanta killings.

 Next issue:  Why are we not seeing pledges and campaigns and bromides to end violence against Whites after this shooting?  

After all, 100% of the 10 victims of the murderer were white, which is 25% more than the amount of Asian victims killed in Atlanta by the mentally deranged sex addict (6 out of 8 victims were Asian, two were White one of whom, incidentally enough hailed from Detroit) .

The media sought and did create a narrative then of white-based anti-Asian sentiment that the MSM and Democrats ran with even when the facts were out that the murderer in that case stated he did it for mentally deranged sex-related reasons and he was trying to kill sex workers and apparently clients of same rather than any particular racial group.    

Now, with 100% White victims no such narrative of anti-White violence is being pushed and the murderer's Islamic and Syrian background and potential motives are not being discussed or speculated upon by the MSM.  Quite a contrast in treatment.

It's quite possible at this stage of course that Al-Issa was simply a nutcase, but its also possible at this point that this was a racially- and religiously-charged attack especially given that he was on the FBI's very passive radar. 

One would think that should get as much speculation to motive by the MSM and politicians as the prior attack did.  But of course it does not - it doesn't fit the narrative being set.

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Well Seasoned Fool said...

Tough sledding for the residents of the Peoples Republic of Boulder explaining this event.

Insert sarcasm. He purchased his firearm six days prior. The big question is where did he find that much ammo?