Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Narrative Will Have Issues With The King Sooper Murders

Turns out the killer in the Boulder, Colorado supermarket shooting is going to mess with the MSM's narrative of white supremacists as perpetrators and white racism as the motive for such.

Turns out it is not quite that simple.  

The arrested scumbag is named Ahmad Al-Iwi Al-Issa, or Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa,  or Alyssa depending on how the media chooses to spell his name. No motive has been released so we wont jump to any conclusions but it's unlikely to be the media narrative fave of "evil white maleness" - just sayin'.

We will note that making the supermarket a gun-free zone certainly didn't help any except to make sure those who would perhaps have lawfully carried there did not do so if they complied with the request:

In the wake of mass shootings elsewhere, Kroger [owner of King Soopers] asked shoppers in 2019 to leave firearms at home. 

Surprise, a mass murderer didn't obey a request not to bring a firearm into the store.

Of course, Biden et al are already using this crime as a rush to push thorough their gun control ban agenda before the bodies are even cold.


Nuke Road Warrior said...

A year ago today, Colorado eliminated the death penalty, so this piece of human garbage will get (hopefully) get to spend the rest of his life in prison at taxpayers expense. Unless, that is, a leftist DA decides he gets a pass for being a repressed minority.

drjim said...

Heard about this yesterday, but hadn't heard anything about who the shooter was. If it had happened up here, he would have been dropped by one of the patrons, as I know a LOT of people here who carry regardless of some sign hanging on the entrance.

Or at the very least, they would have gone out to their car and grabbed a gun....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

His brother told the press the shooter was bullied in high school and was mentally ill. The city he attended high school (Aurora, CO) is far different from Boulder. Opposite ends of the social/economic reality.

drjim said...

From Aurora, huh?

That explains a lot. When I heard it was in Boulder, I shook my head, and thought it was a false flag.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Correction: Should have said Arvada. The rest of the comment stands.

drjim said...

Arvada is a "nicer" area than Aurora. The mean income for a family is over four times that of Aurora, and the demographics are quite different.

WSF would know much more about the differences between the two than I do, but to me, it puts a different slant to the story.....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Like many municipalities, Arvada annexed as much open land as they could. Many nicer homes were built and the demographics have changed. What hasn't changed is the core, which is as bad a cesspool as Aurora. Given the high school he attended, I would guess the family lived in the old core. Still, the area has hardly anything in common with Boulder, with the exception of a small corner in NW Boulder.

drjim said...

Thank you for the clarification. While I know enough to avoid Aurora and Denver, I didn't know much else about the area.

My old home town in Illinois has turned into a cesspool of illegal immigrants. Certain areas that were very nice. with beautiful older homes, are now gang-infested.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I have heard that the Febbies knew about the shooter but didn't move on him, I wonder why. Now I believe that if he was a MAGA wearing white dude they would have been all over him like Ants at a picnic. But the Feds are ate up with intersectional politics and were afraid to move on the shooter because he was a member of the "Religion of Peace". Now we are hearing from the politicians and talking heads that one bad muslim don't represent all the other muslims. Funny that they don't extend that courtesy to lawful gun owners. Yeah pardon my rant, I am a little irritated by all of this.

Aaron said...

Nuke Road Warrior - Agreed, and I expect he will rot in prison.

drjim - It looked like he entered a gun free zone and didn't have any targets that would shoot back.

Well Seasoned Fool - Interesting information, thanks!

MrGarabaldi: He joins quite an infamous list of those "known to the FBI" yet were not stopped before carrying out their attacks.

You're right that its funny that the media and politicians are at pains to day that one Muslim killer doesn't represent all, but if its a white killer its portrayed a white racism problem and/or all gun owners are the problem.