Monday, March 29, 2021

Democrats Go After The Last American Institution They Don't Already Control

It appears the Democrats are hell-bent on bending to their will the last American institution to be both a credible threat to their transformational ambitions and had up till now eluded their control:  The US military as a whole.

That lack of control is being worked on as we speak.  

It certainly began in the Obama era, and it seems under Biden the hand is starting to tighten its grip.

For example, in the case of the Navy, one needs merely read CDR Salamander's blog (and if you're not reading it you should) to see what has been going on in the navy where diversity and reading the rather racist How to be An Anti-Racist is replacing maintenance and competency training among many other problems.

Special Operations Command just got its first zampolit or political officer, with more likely to follow.

The Washington Times: Special Operations Command gets 1st diversity chief

What diversity and inclusion has to do with special ops and lethality is a fun question - if you pass qualifications you pass the qualifications, if you don't then it shouldn't matter what you are, do not pass go, do not get to SOCOM. 

Even better, the appointee is not exactly part of the culture of special operations or the military. Richard Torres-Estrada is instead a lifelong bureaucrat and for his latest bureaucrat job was an  equal opportunity officer for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.  He's also got some seriously anti-Trump baggage and anti-cop baggage as well.

But hey, overseeing affirmative action and woke struggle sessions in a dysfunctional Mass Transit Authority that is one of the most-mismanaged and badly operated in the nation is totes the same as a mission-critical military force.  

Expect further focus on diversity over competence and the appointment of bureaucrats and woke incompetents to oversee and interfere in the military chain of command.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

But when the Chinese kick our asses because we have forgotten how to fight but can recite all the "Diversity" lessons, somehow this will be blamed on President Trump. Unfortunately we ain't gonna have time to fix the problem like the Soviets did after the Germans invaded or after Kasserine Pass and I wonder if this is by design since Xiden and his handlers are beholden to the Chinese.

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: I think part of it dates back to their calling for the military to hold a coup against Trump and then realizing that the military is about the one entity left that could opposed them, and they want to de-fang it. That it helps the ChiComs which also weakens America is icing on the cake.