Monday, March 15, 2021

Detroit's Robocop Statue Now Homeless Yet Again

The Wuhan virus is the latest excuse for why the Robocop statute will not be put on public display.

The Detroit Free Press:  RoboCop statue loses home at Michigan Science Center because of pandemic

It's a pretty weak and pathetic excuse - the statue was to be placed outside and the center is not going to have to pay for it, just simply provide the space for it to be put on display.  It's not like they need to buy the land for it.

A lot of this silly refusal is due to the statue being politically incorrect as it highlights Detroit's ongoing crime problem and reputation for same.  Even worse, it features a heroic, if science fictional, cop which is taboo in these days of BLM.

The Michigan Science Center should reconsider this latest refusal to house one of Detroit's finest.


drjim said...

Hasn't the statue always been controversial? I seem to remember it caused a stink when it was unveiled way back when.

Aaron said...

drjim: Yes, it's been controversial ever since it was proposed. No one in power in Detroit wants to admit that the city's crime rate is a current dystopia and that they could use a Robocop to clean things up.