Sunday, March 14, 2021

Weekend Home Repair - Dishwasher Edition

So the upper rack of the dishwasher decided to have a pronounced downward sag to it.  Rather bent out of shape it was, dipping downwards from the front and completely off the rails with the wheels on the sides that keep it on the rails having broken off the rack and sticking uselessly into the rails.  

Not a good situation as the cups and such placed there were threatening to fall out and break.

Turns out this is not uncommon and there is an upper rack adjuster repair kit from Whirlpool that completely replaces the plastic adjusters on both sides with nice metal ones and a completely new positioning system.

No instructions come with the kit however, so you need to search YouTube for decent instructions.  This takes awhile to find good instructions as quite a few miss a few steps so you view a couple and put it together to find out how to get this done.

Removing the old stuff took a bit of work.  Putting the new stuff on took a bit longer as its completely different from the old units and is mounted in a different spot - count four tines in and place it there.Also it uses Torx T15 screws, luckily I had a T15 screwdriver bit, but they do supply a T15 driver that fits in front of a Phillips head screwdriver with the kit, which is kinda nifty.

Then after completing the install and snapping it all in place you realize that in the video they meant count 4 tines in from the back, not from the front, as they flipped the rack in the video without telling you, and some parts do not unsnap.  Then figure out on how to release it without breaking it, and then redoing it all took a bit longer as well.  

Some expansion of vocabulary occurred in each of these steps.

On the plus side, I now have a fully functional dishwasher again, after 49 bucks for the parts and shipping.

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drjim said...

I've had to do things like that back when we lived in SoCal. The wife's old dishwasher finally gave up the ghost after numerous repairs by me, so I went and got her a new one!