Saturday, March 06, 2021

A Helpful And Welcome USPSA Rule Change

USPSA just announced some rule changes that are very happy making.

The quick summary is that Carry Optics and Production shooters can now use appendix carry holsters without being moved to Open division, the handguns can have flashlights attached, so long as they actually work, and magazines can be carried forward of the hip,  are also acceptable in those divisions. 

In short, I can now compete using my carry gear with the PHLster Floodlight holster without getting booted to Open, which is very nice.

Definitely a nice and timely rule change to let people compete with their carry gear as more and more people are using appendix carry and slide-mounted optics.


thinkingman said...

Sounds to me like Common Sense rule changes- especially like the magazine carry in front of the hip. I never really saw a scientific rational given for the behind the hip carry of magazines.

Aaron said...

thinkingman:_ Yes, it is indeed common sense. it's a relic I think of hip holster carry being the dominant form of carry with magazines also behind and anything other than that being considered a sneaky attempt at advantage that pushes you to open. I'm happy glad they made the change.