Sunday, March 28, 2021

So, Can You Shoot a Padlock Open?

Widener's has an interesting article up on their blog that answers the age-old question: Mythbusting: Does Shooting A Lock Work?

Check out the article, as it's a fun read and it may very well change how you buy padlocks, not to mention how you view people shooting them in movies.

Also, you should check Widener’s out for supplies, ammo, etc. I’ve always had a great experience shopping with them.


Old NFO said...

Interesting, but not really applicable to reality.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: True, I can't say I've ever been inclined to shoot a padlock off myself. It was interesting though how most tested when being shot would no longer open but kept the lock shut which kinda defeats the purpose of shooting one to open it.