Tuesday, March 09, 2021

The Misfortunate Musk Of Michigan Marijuana

Well, now that marijuana has been legal in Michigan for a bit we've been noticing some of the effects.

Most notably the smell.

Why someone thinks smoking something that smells like it is the efluvia from a skunk's fundament is attractive or cool is beyond me.  Yes you're getting high -- but you still smell like you've been skunked.

It hath no appeal to me at all and the smell is both rather pronounced and disgusting. You can smell someone smoking it from quite a good distance away. It reeks.

One nextdoor neighbor of mine had been partaking excessively even before it became recreational through a medical card.  Now, he's apparently on a mission to be a one-man experiment to see if regular daily use does in fact impair your cognitive functions.  So far, some cognitive decline has been detected in normal conversation with him - he really doesn't seem quite all there all the time - so, we'll see how the dope makes him more of a dope as this continues. 

He's apparently also in the marijuana business, so one would think he could afford something less stinky, but apparently not.

While his body, his choice and all that, I'd rather he didn't choose to do it in such a manner that the smoke and stench constantly travels towards our house.  

His wife apparently requires him to smoke outside away form the kids, which is a commendable thing.  Unfortunately, he's literally put up a tent on his back deck and the smoke then wafts right towards our house. It is indeed most skunk-like.

Another observation is marijuana does not in fact chill out everyone who uses it.  

It seems in his case to get him more aggravated, with this dude yelling and swearing at the top of his lungs at the TV in his tent outside, or on the phone outside while surrounded in a cloud of skunk stench.  This, along with the stench, really adds to the attraction. 

I do not think they considered this smelly unintended consequence when they legalized the electric lettuce.


Truther said...

In a few years when their health starts to decline along with their cognitive ability, and job keeping ability etc etc, they will cry and cry and demand the government take care of them and all their medical bills.

It's MY body, I'll do what I want with it, until I need it fixed then it's YOUR responsibility to take care of me.

stand by.

Gray said...

Yes, but the junior tyrants that have become our supposedly elected leaders prefer their constituents to be as mentally defective as possible. It reduces the effort required to keep getting "re-elected".

Aaron said...

Truther - Yes, that is the rub with their not wishignt o deal with the consequences of their actions and always calling for government-payer medicine - their body, our taxes.

Gray - Yes, form Brave New World forward, keeping your subjects drugged up so they're happy, dumb, and not aware of the goings on is a definite politician's dream/

Pigpen51 said...

I suffer from chronic pain, to the point that I am retired on disability, after working for over 35 years at the same foundry. To seek relief from the pain, I tried on two different occasions to use Medical Marijuana, getting the legal card, with no success. I had never in my life used illegal substances. In fact, I have never been drunk in my life, even now at the age of 60.
Both times I tried marijuana, I really gave it a real attempt to find some help, since one of the chronic pain conditions that I have is chronic near daily migraine. I tried smoking, edibles, vaporizing, etc. And I actually never even felt like I had done anything other than smoked a cigarette, which I have quit for around 8-9 years now.
Even worse than the smell of someone actively smoking the stuff, is a heavy smoker that you are close to in a store, etc. The smell of the stuff is horrible.
Another unintended consequence of passing the recreational marijuana law in Michigan is that the BATFE no longer will accept your CCW as proof of a background check. And we could also add the election of the Empress of Lansing, because she rode the shirt tails of the marijuana voters into office.

ccm2361 said...

I feel your pain. Or is it smell your pain? I too have a neighbor that has gotten into marijuana & now partakes heavily.
He has become quite belligerent & gets into shouting matches with other neighbors. He used to keep up his yard quite well, but now it looks like a junk yard & the city has had to get on him about tall grass.
Since it has gotten warmer this week, everyday I come home from work & smell it.

Very tired of it

Aaron said...

Pigpen51 - Yes, it seems to work for some people form actual medical conditions, maybe, but how much is a placebo effect is questionable. I had a friend with cancer and the medical marijuana made her handle chemo a lot easier and keep food down so that was legit in my book. But a lot, if not the majority, of those with the cards didn't have actual medical conditions but had a dispensary physician given them a card for anything from generalized anxiety to tennis elbow and everything else. The marijuana use and legalization really did not help us when ATFE decided to no longer recognize our carry permits as NICS exemptions.

Yep, Whitmer, Nessel and Benson all rode the dopers into office and we're all the worse off for it.

ccm2361 - Yes, I smell your pain too. it seems to not mellow everyone out but instead intensify whatever emotional state they're in when they start partaking. Rather annoying and you're right the smell and carrying on is rather tiresome.

Beans said...

There are two strains of Cannabis.

One is, no matter what you do, low in THCs and high (heh) in CBDs. Mellow, not as harsh smelling, better taken for the medical benefits by ingestion (some sort of edibles.) Tends to mellow the person out.

The other is the opposite. High TCHs and low CBDs, harsh flavor and smoke, tends to agitate the user.

And it's the CBDs that have what little medical effect found, that is to mellow oneself and settle one's stomach, just what a chemo-using cancer sufferer needs. Or someone in end-stage, to manage the pain of being touched by anything.

THC, on the other hand.. well...

And the worst way to do any partaking is by smoking. Much like smoking oxycodone or morphine, it takes away any medical benefit.

Stupid potheads.

I see the same thing here in Florida after they 'legalized' 'medical marijuana' (after voters defeated it 3 other times, resoundingly, which makes me believe in voting issues in the last legalization vote.) The 'medical users' who are, suspiciously, the same people that used it when it was illegal, and in the same exact way, are just so much more open about using the garbage. Popular in my neighborhood is to sit in one's car, parked not in front of their house but someone else's house, with the radio turned to max playing (c)Rap and smoking so heavily the vehicle interior can't be seen through the front window. Fights, especially domestic violence type, are up significantly, so are vehicle break-ins, burglaries, porch-pirating and all the other crimes that the 'legalize now' crowd said would go away if, indeed, legalization occurred.




And, yes, the ditch-weed stuff that people partaked of in the 60's and 70's is basically 1 baby aspirin in comparison to a handful of adult strength pills of the modern marijuana. Much more powerful and higher levels of THC and all the bad chemicals found in tobacco.

Because, well, it's organic so it must be healthy for you, right?