Saturday, March 27, 2021

The ATEI Glock Doth Rock

Went to the range this morning to try it out.

The 509T was almost perfectly zeroed and just needed a few clicks to get it right there.

The dot-in-circle aiming reticle makes finding the dot and getting on target a super fast process.

So far I like it a lot.  I need to get used to the chopped grip a bit as my draws were slower than typical, but I was still doing sub-3 second bill drills from concealment at 7 yard A-zone target with all hits (still can use some improvement on that to get faster). Best draw to single hit on an A Zone at 7 yards was 1.4 seconds, and the 3&2 drill I was getitng 3 seconds and below.

I did clear a 6 rack plate in under 4 seconds form concealment, so that was something.

Zero malfunctions or issues with 244 rounds shot through it today.

Overall I do believe it's a keeper.


Old NFO said...

That's great news!

B said...

As I get older, I am thinking I might have to get a better sighting system....that looks pretty good.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Thanks, it runs very nicely.

B: Red dots are life-changing as far as pistol shooting goes. I was skeptical about Holosun as a friend of mine got a defective 507(I think) that crapped out on its first outing, but they did send him a new one and I've only heard good things about them since. This 509T is impressive and the reticle is crazy fast to acquire. The Trijicon RMR is built like a tank and works well and the SRO gives a bigger window than the RMR and has also worked great.