Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Whitmer Corruption Continued: Fox Again Asked To Investigate The Goings On At The Hen-House

In the latest Gov Half-Whit scandal, the head of the Department of Health, has left the office with a very nice severance agreement.  A very sweet deal having a confidentiality clause.

Fox News:  Michigan GOP demands state AG probe Whitmer's 'secret deal' with former top health official

Note the Health department director would know all about Whitmer and what she knew when she issued her executive order sending Covid patients to nursing homes.  He would know how that resulted in about 40%+ of all deaths in Michigan due to Covid - and he knows where the data (much like in the cae of Cuomo and NY) would be buried that still hasn't been provided.   he would also know all about how the partisan decisions the governor throughout the crisis have been made, which would prove very interesting indeed.

Now, in return for over $155K severance, he won't be talking.  Nice deal if you can get it.

It turns out some other key officials in other departments that failed also got some nice severance agreements such as at UIA - the department beset with inefficiency and massive fraud to the tune of millions in false claims during COVID, so the per the Detroit News today, the UIA director resigned and got over $85,000 possibly in return for his silence as there's a confidentiality clause in his agreement just as was the case with the head of the Health Department.

Of course, asking the Democrat partisan AG Dana Nessel to investigate the possible wrongdoing is simply asking a fellow fox to check on the situation at the hen-house.  This will undoubtedly get the same result as the last investigation of Gov Half-Whit's corruption by Nessel -he nothing to see here, nothing criminal occurred report created when one partisan Democrat investigates another to whom she is beholden.

Don't expect much from any such investigation, nor for the truth of what occurred to get out any time soon. 

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Pigpen51 said...

I am not a lawyer, and not all that smart. But I don't understand how an employee of the state of Michigan can be given a confidentially clause and a severance package when they leave office. Especially since we have term limits here. Do they do that with every single elected official as well?
The more I see of the Empress of Lansing, and her flying monkeys, the less I like her. I don't support an impeachment of her, since I believe that they would have to prove very extreme lawlessness, but I sure do plan on working to vote her out, in the next election. She is just lucky that there was a marijuana bill to be voted on, or she would never have stood a chance.
She has proven herself to be a poor leader, and she still hasn't " fixed the damn roads." That was her tag line, that was supposed to make everyone think she really, really meant it, because she used a bad word to express her seriousness. Then she tried to pass a .45 cent per gallon gasoline tax in order to fix them roads. Like the people would have stood for that. We are already one of the higher gas tax states in the nation.