Friday, March 26, 2021

New To Me Glock, Now With Upgrades

I had purchased a friend's used and kinda worn 3rd generation Glock 17 as he wanted to get something else and was offering it at a good price, complete with a gadget.  He had previously had the grip chopped to a 19 length and had a stipple job done that works quite nicely.

I bought it and then dropped the slide off at ATEI to get it cut for a red dot - a Holosun 509T I had purchased for the project.

In chatting with ATEI, I decided to also get their enhanced serrations on the front and back, suppressor height sights added and have the whole slide given the black nitride treatment.  

While that was being worked on, I added an Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger and awaited the slide to be ready for pickup.

It was ready today and I must say they did a beautiful job:

The Holosun sits on the slide cut like it was made for it, because it was, the sights are low in the window and perfect. The enhanced slide serrations look good and really are an improvement over the stock Glock serrations for manipulating the slide.

The 509T from a dryfire draw naturally gets on target and may become my favorite red dot.  Just really nice.

ATEI did a fantastic job on it and I'm highly impressed.  

I will take it to the range tomorrow and report how it shoots and if I get an appreciable speed increase from this setup.  The only thing I might change further on it would be to get an undercut for the trigger-guard a bit for a higher grip.


Old NFO said...

Looks like they did an excellent job!

ccm2361 said...


Aaron said...

Old NFO: That they did. It looks better than new and it works great.

ccm2361: Thanks!