Thursday, March 11, 2021

Detroit's Version of SOCMOB

Detroit, being the Motor City, while like most cities has its share of people Standing On Corner Minding Own Business, also kicks it up a notch and mechanizes it.

Detroit has SIVMOB - Sitting In Vehicle Minding Own Business.

The Detroit News:  2 men shot while sitting in SUV in Detroit

Two men were shot as they sat in an SUV on Detroit's east side late Wednesday night, police said.

The double shooting took place about 11:35 p.m. on the 10400 block of Cadieux, south of Morang.

Nothing good happens when you're SIVMOBing at that location in Detroit at 11:35 pm at night.


B said...

We wuz jus' Minnin' our own Bidnes, when....

It seems to be a dangerous occupation in cities....

Pigpen51 said...

I went to a Tigers baseball game about 4 years ago. I had not been there since they shut down the old Tiger Stadium. I went with my son. We parked and walked perhaps 3 blocks, and I was really disappointed with just how awful the area was rundown. Sure, close to the Stadium and around the bars and restaurants that were close, it was nice, but just a few steps away, there were homeless people begging everywhere.
I live in Muskegon, and we have a few pan handlers, that sit on some of the main corners, everyday, like a job, looking for a driver to hand them a bill or two. But being a man from a rural town up north, I had never seen so much despair and people who were just burned out, by looking in their eyes.
I have been to Ann Arbor a few times over the past year, to the U of M hospital, for my daughter, who has an auto immune disease, and she sees specialists on occasion. And there were a couple of times that I took the wrong turn, and found myself in some scary places. I was armed, so I felt a tiny bit more secure, but I still didn't like it.
I actually went to Bible college in Grand Rapids many years ago, and the college was right on the dividing line. They told incoming freshmen, you can walk this way, and admire all of the multi million dollar homes, the people don't mind, they like the students, and will often talk with you. Do not go west, the people that direction are not nice at all, and it is too dangerous. That was when I was 24 or so, and my first real time at being exposed to life in any city of any size.
Here in Muskegon, where I have been for almost 29 years, when I first moved here, it was very peaceful and safe. Now, there is almost a shooting every week, when the weather is nice. In the winter, now it has let up a bit, but soon I suspect it will start up again. There is a lot of drug crime, of course, and a lot of gang activity along with gambling, and some areas that I don't even drive to during the day time. It really is sad. My hometown, Hesperia, is not home anymore. I have thought at times, of moving to a different state, but Michigan really does have so very much going for it,that I doubt that I could ever do that. I guess that we just have to pay attention, and never go where we don't feel comfortable, and listen to any inner warning signal.

Aaron said...

B: It's the second most dangerous thing you can do, second only to turning your life around.

Pigpen51: Yep, every city has its not so good spots, and some like Detroit are comprised of mainly not-so-good spots with a few ok spots here and there. It's sad that it's spreading to places like Muskegon that was mainly a nice town with some bad spots rather than the other way around.