Tuesday, March 16, 2021

No Surprise There - Michigan's Democrat AG Won't Investigate Dem Gov Over Nursing Home Deaths

To absolutely no one's surprise, Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel has announced she won't investigate Governor Half-Whit for her actions in causing the deaths of thousands of Michigan nursing home residents by ordering those nursing homes to take in coronavirus positive patients.

The Detroit News: Attorney General Nessel won't investigate Gov. Whitmer's nursing home policies

Sadly for the Dems, Gov Half-Whit lacks a sexual abuse scandal to get rid of her as is the case with Cuomo and his killing of thousands  of nursing home patients in New York with the same order.

On the plus side, the new Republican Macomb County prosecutor is calling for such an investigation and appears poised to carry one out.

The Detroit Free Press: Macomb prosecutor wants to review COVID-19 nursing home deaths for possible crimes

Of course, should a Republican retake the governorship or the Attorney general position, the Democrats have now set a precedent for criminal investigations and prosecution of governors for acts they may or may not have committed once they leave office.

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