Saturday, June 03, 2023

That's Rather Impressive, In An Unhappy Commentary On The Prevalence Of Scammers

I posted a recliner chair for sale on Facebook marketplace.

Bought it for the Hip replacement recovery and haven't used it at all since I've been able to get around.

Withing minutes of the posting, I had 4 different scammers contact me to "buy" it.

All easily detectable as scams, with one asking for my phone number and then for "their safety" if they could send me a code to verify who I was. Of course that made no sense and screamed scam rather clearly.

Never, ever go along with that

That’s an attempt for the scammer to get your phone number to register for a Google voice number, which will send a verification code to your phone. The scammer will ask you to send them the code you received – "for their safety". Instead that code will unlock the Google voice number, which will assist the scammer to perpetuate more scams, including possibly stealing your identity.   

Make that 5 scammers in the time it took for me to post this.  Sheesh.

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Old NFO said...

Wow, they are getting 'quick'!!!