Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Father's Day Weekend Cousins Visit

My uncle, cousin, and my cousin's kids came to town on their return road trip to Chicago on their way back to Toronto.

They've been doing a Guy Baseball Trip yearly, except during the Covid shutdown and this year it was to see the Cubs play at home. Cubs won which was nice especially as it was the first time they had the kids in tow.

They also got some Chicago pizza.

So I arranged to take them to The Henry Ford Museum and then to get some authentic Detroit pizza so they could compare and contrast.

The Henry Ford is a great place to take kids.

After all, what kid doesn't love huge trains?

And what kid doesn't love the Wienermobile?

Yes, yes they do.  And it will always be the Wienermobile not the Frankmobile, just sayin'.

They then also got to build cars and race them after admiring real race cars.

And make paper airplanes and test them too.

It turns out that the plans for making a paper airplane are (unintentionally) dual usage and can also turn into paper hats when not being flight tested.

We spent hours at the museum and had a great time.  Great to see them all, as it's been awhile.

Then we headed to Buddy's Pizza for some real Detroit pizza. Pizza there is always top notch and it was yesterday night as well.

They declared the Detroit square pizza was clearly superior to the Chicago deep dish, which is obvious. 

Then this morning, we met up at the airport and I got to let the kids play with the airplane.

I had the older kid do the full-walk around pre-flight, following the checklist  with his younger brother in tow, and showed how everything worked and let them climb in and play away.  I unfortunately didn't take them flying, as the younger one was kinda tuckered out, and the older boys had failed to get She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed's permission for the kids to go flying. Next time.

Then I headed off to meet the family at  a restaurant and we had a nice Father's Day lunch together.

So it was a great weekend.

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Matthew W said...

I would prefer Detroit pizza over Chicago any day.
But New York beats them both