Friday, June 16, 2023

Apparently, It Does Take Someone (Or Even Two People) Getting Killed To Be Fired From A Detroit Union Job

The Detroit News:  Detroit bus driver who killed pedestrian downtown fired

A bus driver with a record of a crash per year (unclear if it is all buses or also personal smash-ups) for the last eight years has now finally been fired from Detroit's Department of Transportation after she ran over a pedestrian a few days ago. That latest fatal crash involved running over the pedestrian in a crosswalk right in front of her bus.

One of those eight prior crashes included a fatality in 2015.

That action wasn't taken after a driving record of 8 crashes until she ran over a person with her bus on camera tells you all you need to know.


Rick T said...

I'm betting the driver and her victim crossed paths in the past. The deceased was an ADA ride coordinator so she may have filed complaints about the driver. It would be interesting to follow the case to see if the charges are upped to premeditated murder.

ccm2361 said...

Sadly, not a surpise there. Unions always circle the wagons to protect their own. Even when they have no business driving a bus. I am a truck driver. If I had 8 crashes in the last 8 years; I would have been fired 3+ years ago.

Its sad that it took a 2nd death to remove this person from her job.

Any guesses on whether she was looking at a cell phone at the time?

I am guesssing the city is going to making a large payment in the near future

Old NFO said...

Ouch, can we say lawsuit? I knew we could!!!

Beans said...

It's Detroit. Nothing surprises me. Well, republicans winning elections, now that would surprise me, but things like this are 'ordinary' in Detroit and most big cities.