Wednesday, June 28, 2023

METAR FU = Hazy With A Smell Of Wood Smoke

Those fires in Canada have brought a dense haze and a smell of a campfire that permeates the air around here.

Sky conditions in the area are IFR or low IFR, and it is the first time I've seen the METAR abbreviation code FU used.

No it doesn't stand for "FU you're not flying today", but it might as well mean that.

FU actually is an abbreviation that means smoke, from the French fumée.


B said...

Same here without the FU:

KSBN 281354Z 18004KT 1 1/2SM HZ FEW023 19/14 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP173 T01940144

B said...

P.S Why not fly IFR?

pigpen51 said...

Here on the west side of the state, the smoke is like nothing that I have ever seen before in my now 63 years of age. I am actually coughing whenever I venture outside, unless I wear a mask. This is only if I am going outside to mow the lawn or any other thing that will keep me outside for longer than 10 minutes or so. But it is bad, that is for certain. I have been taking a strong allergy pill from behind the pharmacy counter, to try and help, but it only helps a little.

Aaron said...

B: Need to get some VFR time in first as I'm way out of currency right now. Also smoke has vis down to pretty much minimums. Yesterday pilot did a vid of an approach to KPTK minimums on the approach is 1181 he was able to see the runway at 1200. That's a tad tight for my taste. May still be a good opportunity anyways through.

pigpen51: Yep, it's pretty bad right now. Car has particulate on it you can easily see, smell of wood-smoke is everywhere inside and out. Take care and hope it eases up for you.

pigpen51 said...

My wife had a doctor's appointment today and he told her that the cough that I have, they are now calling it the Canadian Cough, it is that prevalent, and they are prescribing a cough syrup with codeine for very bad cases.
I am not bad enough for that, but I still don't like it. I never knew what those affected by the wildfires out west put up with, but now I get just a tiny bit of it, and don't want anymore of it. I have to say I will be glad when it is gone.