Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Stupid Criminals: Dumb, Drunk, And Being A Felon in Possession Is No Way To Stay Out Of Jail

At least in the Detroit area, the Feds are actually prosecuting some felons in possession of firearms and charging them with such when they are caught committing a crime with a firearm.

The Detroit Free Press:  Personal trainer pulls AR-15-style rifle on bar customers in Holly: 'He's embarrassed'

Apparently, in this context, embarrassed is an alternate spelling of the word dumbass.

A Michigan man is going back to prison for five years after causing a scare at a local bar: He pointed an AR-15-style rifle at customers, who ran for cover and feared for their lives, prosecutors said.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, 40-year-old Joshua Allgeyer, of Holly, wasn't supposed to have a gun on him the night he terrorized patrons at the Holly Inn Bar. He had prior convictions for armed robbery and home invasion, and did 14 years for those crimes, which means he wasn't supposed to ever own a gun again.

Yep, the felon, who after he pointed the firearm at the bar patrons ran home and then hid the weapon under the cushions in his house, because no one would ever think to look there.

He's a felon in possession of what looks, per the picture in the article,  to be a badly-braced pistol, not a rifle. Be interesting to find out how he came to obtain it.

I'm rather impressed that he was federally charged with being a felon in possession. It's possible his  Nazi tattoos had some bearing on the decision. In any case, prosecuting felons committing criminal acts with a firearm needs to be a regular activity.

On top of the federal conviction, State-level charges from the incident are still pending.

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