Monday, June 05, 2023

Sunday Range Day

So yesterday morning I got up, loaded the car, and met Tosh at the range.

Did some solid handgun practice, in which I learned I need to practice more, but I think I already knew that.   To be fair, I was using a couple new handguns while doing so, so getting used to them likely slowed me down a tad.  More on that in another post.

We also shot my Turknelli shotgun, which is still having some issues since coming back from repair and is now being broken in all over again.

We then shot Tosh's AR-15 with his new can.  It is much more pleasant to shoot it with a suppressor but it does kick a lot of gas right back in your face and he's working on modifications to reduce that.

We then shot my PS90 and much fun was had.

So as it turns out, we shot those three firearms in descending amounts of recoil.

In short, the Turknelli shotgun with 12-pellet 00 Buck kicks quite a bit and wants to get off target. 

The AR-15 by comparison had very little recoil and was easy to keep on the steel silhouette target.  

The PS-90 had effectively no recoil at all and stayed right on the target without any effort at all.

That was a darn good time at the range.


juvat said...

Looks like fun!

Matthew W said...

I live in a Communist state and can't have cans (DANGER,DANGER,DANGER)

Old NFO said...

The PS-90 is even more fun on full auto, it is VERY controllable then too!

Aaron said...

juvat: It certainly is.

Matthew W: Cans help keep the noise down and protect people's ears. Why do the damn commies want people to have hearing loss?

Old NFO: Oh, for a repeal of the Hughes Amendment. A full auto P90 would be awesome.