Monday, June 12, 2023

About Those Wildfires In Alberta And The Rest Of Canada

As usual, the left, is blaming it on climate change.

It's more likely however that the scale of this fire is based on both poorly-thought our leftist (greenie) environmentalist forestry management polices and budget cuts to wildlife fire-fighting capabilities by the socialist NDP party while they were in charger of Alberta.

Under the NDP in 2016, they cut the firefighting budget by $15, most of it to the air tanker program. They sure could have used those funds for this set of wildfires couldn't they?

A further problem is Alberta's and Canada's lack of appropriate forest management and thinning of brush and other combustibles in forests.

It's a little trite and too easy to blame the wildfires on climate change.  Instead, their extent is more due to a deliberate policy to not properly manage the forests to reduce the chances of a massive wildfires, combined with deliberate budget cuts to spending for firefighters to contain the wildfire.

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Old NFO said...

And as usual the are full of s**t... THEIR green policies and lack of forest management are actually responsible.