Saturday, June 10, 2023

Ok, Who Had Alligators In Michigan For June?


 Yes, seriously, and the headline is just not comforting:

ClickonDetroit: Alligators are being shipped to sanctuary in Michigan when they grow too big, become dangerous

Alligators that have grown too big and become too dangerous for others to handle are being shipped to an alligator sanctuary in Michigan.

Some of the alligators being released at the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, Michigan, are as big as 10 feet long and weigh 600 pounds.

           . . . . .

Critics believe there should be more regulation on a state level because alligators get loose and when pets get too big they’re being dumped in waterways.

One would think Michigan isn't exactly a garden spot for an alligator sanctuary, but here we are.

Michigan doesn't exactly have known natural predators of Alligators, nor are we in the alligators' normal natural range.

Alligators have been spotted living their best lives in the Kalamazoo River and Long Lake, most likely due to idiots dumping their animals when they get too big or they get bored of them.

What could possibly go wrong?


Chuck Pergiel said...

Could they survive the winter? Can they hibernate?

B said...

That was my thought: Can they really survive the winter cold?

Old NFO said...

Hate to tell you, but 10feet is NOT a big gator!

Glenn B said...

Very doubtful they could survive winter that far north unless living in an enclosed and heated place. Even if they hibernated, they'd likely not make it in that cold of an area.

Aaron said...

Chuck Pergiel; Mr. B and Glenn B: The answer is apparently a definite maybe. They can apparently hibernate their way through the winter so long as they get their noses out of the water even if the lake freezes around it: Alligators Do The Smartest Thing To Survive Freezing Winter.

Old NFO: True, but for Michigan that's big enough I reckon.