Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Putting The Socialist In National Socialism

So the scum that defaced a Royal Oak synagogue with a swastika and the word "Azov" turns out to not be the media-hoped for and expected white supremacist type.

Instead, she is a card-carrying communist and member of (and author for) the World Workers Party. She stated did it to have Ukraine be blamed for it, as she supports Russia and Iran and is solidly anti-American and anti-capitalist in the finest Marxist-Leninist fashion.

The Detroit Free Press: Judge orders psych evaluation for woman charged in Michigan synagogue attack

She also is a suspect in the arson of a scientology center and is likely bughouse nuts, or drunk on leftist ideology, which often presents as the same symptoms.

She also had a cunning plan of going to Yemen and Turkey to impot weapons so she could commit terrorist acts int he US. She's previously written in support of the pro-Iranian Houthis in Yemen and calls herself a revolutionary socialist.

As usual, scratch a revolutionary socialist, find an anti-Semite.

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