Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sunday Match Day

Shot a match today at Brighton.

Very small turnout so we only had two squads running and 5 stages.

The forecast for rain and thunderstorms scared most people off, but it only spit some rain on occasion and was otherwise overcast and muggy.

I was an RO on one squad, and overall it went well, aside from feeling like I was herding cats at times. People were just not getting the concept that if you;re not on deck, the shooter, or reloading your magazines after shooting, you should be helping pasting to move things along.

As to my shooting, it was very mixed and inconsistent. Out of five stages two were lousy, and three were good.

First stage I was rather focused on two shooters shooting their first match ever, going over the procedure with them etc, and did not develop a stage plan before I shot and it showed when I stupidly missed a hidden target array of two targets that I really should have seen had I been properly concentrating. On another stage I did the same darn thing with a complete brain fade.

But, on two stages I was likely solidly B-class, including the dark shoot-house which was shot without lights inside and only outside illumination this time.Hit 14 targets with two shots each in 25 seconds. The other stage I nailed 14 targets in multiple arrays in under 20.72 seconds.  So those were good.

All three of those stages had solid stage plans and worked well.

So, I need to work on my consistency and stage planning, if I can just quit missing the hidden target array that would be nice.

A very nice little match, and shot with a great bunch of folks as usual.

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