Wednesday, June 21, 2023

We ReGreta To Inform You

News of your impending demise has yet again been overstated:

Yet another prediction of doom has failed to come to pass yet again. The enviros and those pushing for control of the economy and our lives under the guise of "Climate Change" really need to push their time-frames farther out and make less easily falsifiable predictions of doom.

So, congrats on yet again not being wiped out.

But if they didn't push immediate predictions of doom, it wouldn't be as scary would it?

After all impending doom is better and more scary when it is impending:

A physicist is giving a lecture and explaining that he has calculated that in 4 and 1/2 billion years the sun will exhaust itself of fuel and burn out, and all life at we know it in the solar system will end.

Upset, a man in the audience yells out, "Is there anything we can do professor? Can we form any congressional committees, or donate money for research?"

The physicist responds, "Sir, why are you so upset? This won't happen for 4 and a half billion years?"

"Oh, thank goodness," says the man. "I thought you said it would happen in 4 and a half million years, so there's still time!"

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