Friday, March 03, 2023

Well, That Was Unusual

So it is snowing and coming down pretty good and they've called for 6-10 inches.  Schools closed early and the snow came right after.


Dogs wanted outside, they went out and suddenly there was a very bright flash, which made us wonder what the heck happened.  

Quite a few seconds later we got an answer as there was a roar of thunder.  Both dogs came ripping back to the door to come inside.

Yes, we're currently having a thunderstorm inside a snowstorm. 

Snow is falling, and lighting and thunder has now started really picking up.  It's still snowing and Jett is really not happy with the thunderstorm.

March may have came in like a lamb, but within the first three days has shifted to lion mode.

Update: The storm knocked out our power. Great.


B said...

Yeah, we had thundersnow here in NW Indiana as well.
Of course, it was snowing at 32F, so almost rain.

Matthew W said...

West of Chiraq, weather porn told us we'd get 6-10.
We got ZERO
Only missed the prediction by 6-10 inches.
I really, really, really need to get a generator for winter power outages.
40 years ago in college in Rock Island, Illinois, we had a massive snowstorm and thunder storm. Pretty awesome !!