Thursday, March 16, 2023

Should A School Be Surprised When they Invite A Pro-Terrorist They Get A Pro-Terrorist Presentation?

Totally unexpectedly, a Democrat, who heads an organization having terrorist ties, gives four biased anti-Israel and Anti-Jewsih presentations to a captive audience of high school students in a presentation on "Diversity".

 Fox News: Michigan high school apologizes for anti-Israel activist at 'diversity assembly,' doesn't mention Jews, Israel

 The "student-led" diversity assembly apparently invited Huwaida Arraf, who then gave an impressively anti-Israel diatribe.

Now, anyone who googled the name Huwaida Arraf would in seconds know she's a pro-terrorist Palestinian and co-founder of the ISM and that she has admitted to working with terrorist groups. 

Did the school fail to vet the guest speaker list at all?

Interestingly enough, this incident got no coverage at all in both the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. Funny, that.

The school administrations claims simply that she went off script and they were thus surprised, but this rings a little hollow considering she did this lovely little "presentation" apparently 4 times in a row without being stopped

The school administration's "apology" such as it is, does not even mention her anti-Israel and anti-Jewish diatribe at all, just that she "deviated from the prompts" at a Bloomfield Hills High School "diversity assembly".

Also inviting a person with known terrorist associations into a public high school probably isn't the safest thing from a security standpoint. 

But, what a way to celebrate diversity, right?

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