Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Michigan Dems Push Punitive Gun Control At The Capitol

The Detroit News: House Speaker bans employees from carrying firearms on House property

Clearly, the Democrat legislators do not trust their own employees.

We will note that there's been no violent firearm crime committed on the grounds of the capitol by an employee with a CPL  (Democrat or Republican) since, as far as anyone can tell, ever.

Simply being punitive towards gun owners, because they can.

This also leaves these employees nice and vulnerable when departing the capitol late at night and going to their cars.

They're also trying to have a policy prohibiting concealed carry at the capitol for non-employees.

On top of that legislation to ban carrying in any government owned or leased building has been introduced by the Dems, thus placing more obstacles on where law-abiding people may carry.  

After all, if the government leases even an office in a building, it would render the entire building off-limits.

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Old NFO said...

Of course THEY are protected by men with guns...