Sunday, March 05, 2023

Biden's FAA Nominee Don't Know Much About Aviation

The questions asked of him were pretty much what a private pilot candidate should expect to know for their written or oral exam. Not particularly hard stuff.

Townhall: Biden's FAA Nominee Can't Answer a Single Question About Aviation

To be fair, this guy is going to be a bureaucratic administrator, not an aviator, and is likely no more than a diversity hire by the administration.  

Most likely, this is a sinecure for some services rendered in the past, or to fulfill demands from interest groups or another equity/diversity hire.  This guy will  have a staff that actually knows stuff.  He'll simply be an empty-suit signing off and collecting a sweet salary, and perhaps mouthing a few platitudes while driving the Biden Administration's woke mission of an FAA that prizes equity and diversity over competence and effectiveness.

However, it would be nice for once to have a regulator to actually know stuff about what he is regulating, just as I'd like lawmakers to actually have a clue about what they are legislating.

No chance of that happening in this case.


Old NFO said...

But he didn't even know BASIC stuff. That is truly scary, but you're right, he 'checks' the boxes... Grrrr...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron.

My son sent me the link for his hearing, he works at the same place I do so anything "Aviation" peaks his interest. I saw this and was embarrassed, but yet I wasn't. This is par for the Xiden administration, it is all flash and no substance, the guy checks off boxes and competence is not required. This would be funny if it wasn't scary that this mindset permeates the administration and these clowns are driving the bureaucracy.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

The "A trained manager can manage anything" philosophy works when everything is doing well. When things turn to crap not so much. Managing an organization through a bad spell, and explaining what you're going to do to avoid future problems requires a knowledge of what you're actually managing. Exhibit A: Boeing Aircraft, Exhibit B: the U.S. department of Transportation.