Friday, March 10, 2023

WTH DND Canada?

As seen over at Cdr. Salamander's The Canadian Department of National Defense has gone full-on woke.

This is not a joke, but it really should be treated as such:

So, if you happen to believe in equality (you know the thing everyone has been pushing for for decades now for people of all races, gender, etc) rather than the ill-defined nebulous and rather politically-charged term "equity", then, per the Department of National Defense, thou art a racist, and thus you are bad and should feel bad.

But, is it not racist to call everyone other than presumably Caucasians by the rather monolithic and rather weird term "racialized peoples"? 

 Isn't that racist? 

First by excluding Caucasians clearly based on their race, and Second is it not further racist for lumping everyone not a Caucasian into the category of "racialized peoples"? Asking for a friend there DND.

Who knew polite Canada and its polite, relatively tiny, yet highly professional and skilled military was such a hotbed of racism? 

Verily, if one doth not have actual racists, one must create them, and this rather insane document sure creates more of them than Jeff Foxworthy detects rednecks.

Also, Allyship is a ridiculous word, up there with Enemyship.  Just saying.


Old NFO said...


pigpen51 said...

I grew up with a father who worked in a foundry, and he had many black and latino friends. They often drove the 40 miles to our house in the summer, on the way to their families farther past us. The would stop and visit my parents, and my twin brother and I would play with their kids outside.
Color had nothing to do with anything in our eyes. And it is the same today. The people who want it to become something, are those who want to make it something that they can benefit from, not something that they can get rid of.
There was an older black gentleman, a very close friend of the family, who lived in Irons, MI. My family had a bit of property near there, and they would often visit him. He was actually the uncle of James Earl Jones, and my older siblings met him once. But as Tom, the friend, aged he was put into a nursing home. His wife called my dad, telling him that the home wanted her to sign their home over to them. They had money to pay, but they were trying to take them for a ride.
My dad dropped what he was doing and drove up their and read them the riot act, threatening to report them to every agency he could find. They became contrite, and stopped harassing Bessie.
I say this to say, it is from this type of people that I grew up around, and so to me, when I see racism, no matter if it is white on black or black on white, I get angry. Dr. King would have felt the same way, I believe, if he were around to see what the non caucasian races are trying to do in order to not get even but to get ahead. Content of their character indeed.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, Oh Canada indeed.

pigpen51: As it should be, and these bozos seek to tear that apart for their own nefarious ends.