Friday, March 24, 2023

Whitmer: You Can Still Move Up A Grade If You Ain't Readin Gud

The Detroit Free Press: Michigan 3rd grade reading law no longer requires students to be held back

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill Friday that strikes from law a requirement to hold back third graders who fail reading proficiency test.

Hilariously, she's selling it under the guise of  "parent's rights to decide what's best for their children" rather than kids being held back a year for being unable to read to grade level. Yes, really. After all, she otherwise would have to sell it by admitting that students in poorly performing school districts aren't getting the instruction they need from MEA-teachers union members in how to read.

Whitmer sure can't have that. Much better they be advanced not fully prepared to the next grade, and make it someone else's problem.

A report from Michigan State University's Education Policy Innovation Collaborative found that in the spring of 2022, nearly 6% of third graders received test scores that made them eligible to repeat the grade under the reading law. The report also found that school districts that mostly instructed students remotely during the 2020-21 school year recorded the highest share of students flagged to be held back another year.

Oh gee, that was the year Whitmer closed schools for Covid, now wasn't it?  Funny how that happens.


pigpen51 said...

The Empress of Lansing has been busy lately. I might have to start referring to her as Santa Claus. First she rewards the Unions with the repeal of the right to work law, and now she rewards the teachers union itself with this slap in the face to future adults who will struggle their entire lives to get above the poverty line.
Things like this make me understand just how the Democrats feel about their party. They truly are like the Democrat party is an altar that they worship at, and they don't care about the people, only the party. Much like other leaders of tyrannies, such as Chairman Mao, Stalin, or Hitler, they worship the leader and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that they remain in power, even if it means death and destruction to the innocent.
I am NOT saying that Democrats are Nazis. I am just saying that they don't care about anything other than the party, even at the expense of other people and their lives. I would argue as an anti abortion person that is one more example.

Aaron said...

pigpen51: The Dems are indeed on a tear, pushing their agenda hard and fast and ramming it through as quick as they can.