Friday, March 24, 2023

Biden Deals With the Wrong Border, Or The Bailout Of Canada's Sanctimonious Stance

In yet another indication that Biden is not exactly compos in the mentis, he has announced with great fanfare that he's struck a deal to permit the receiving county to turn away asylum seekers who cross the border from the other country to deal with the illegal immigration crisis.

He made the deal with Canada. Not Mexico.

Well, he had a 50/50 chance of making a deal with the country whose border is a sieve flooding us with illegal immigrants. 

The LA Times: U.S. strikes deal with Canada over northern border, asylum seekers

This deal is mainly due to the influx of asylum seekers crossing for the US into Canada, given the progressive "no human is illegal" Canadians a case of heartburn due and financial issues due to actually having to bear the costs of said illegal immigrants. With 40,000 illegals entering Canada from Northern New York state into Quebec alone, it started to cause a bit of a financial strain. So this agreement let's Canada send them back into the US to seek asylum here on our dime.

After all, it's easy for Canada to be a sanctimonious about refugees when it pays no cost for its sanctimony.  Faced with the true costs of sanctimonious sanctuary, Canada's Liberals cried Uncle (Sam) to get them out of this. Biden obliged.

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