Thursday, March 09, 2023

Cruise Day 4 - At Sea

Day 4 was a relaxing day sea as we cruised towards our next stop.

Slept in, had breakfast,  and wandered the ship and also took in a presentation on our upcoming port stops that was very educational.

Then after lunch, the most notable activity we did that day was the Fine Wine Tasting event.

3 of the ships sommelier's conducted the wine tasting, and it was both educational and an opportunity to try some higher-end wines.  Learned quite  a bit about wine, got to try wines I have never had before and some nice little bites accompanying them.

Very enjoyable.  

It opened with the champagne which was a nice opener to the tasting. Very nice glass that was dry, but not overly dry, and I'd certainly imbibe it again.

The Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc was very good.

The Shafer Red Shoulder Chardonnay was very nice and buttery smooth, and I'm normally not a fan of chardonnays at all, but I wouldn't turn that down if offered that again.

Interestingly enough, I found the house Cabernet that I would order with dinner, included in their Plus package (that we had for the cruise) to be tastier, at least to me, than their much higher-end Caymus on their tasting menu that is in their higher-end package.  

The CARO that we sampled at the tasting was really, really good (it's a blend of Cab and Malbec from Argentina) and I'd try to find a bottle of that somewhere to have again, even though its more than I'd normally spend for a bottle of wine. I mean that was a fantastic bottle of wine to my taste.

A very nice wine tasting.

More time was then spent wandering the ship, relaxing on the balcony, and just taking it easy, and then we went to dinner at the Steakhouse specialty restaurant which was magnificent.

Our waiter, Petar, was hillarious, gave magnificently great service, and made it a very memorable meal. We each had a ribeye that was cooked to perfection. Trust me, the very minor upcharge to experience a great steakhouse at sea over the standard restaurant (which has great food itself)  is well worth it. A reall;y perfect and special meal.

Then I played craps with the regulars at the table, and I then lost some money but had fun for hours and still remained ahead overall.

It was an excellent day at sea.