Sunday, March 05, 2023

Power Still Out

Power is still out, and DTE changed their restoration estimate they had made all day yesterday that it would be restored  yesterday is as of now changed to  today -- this morning.  How comforting. 

Anyone wanting to place their bets on this latest estimate being correct?

Yesterday we dug out the Driveway of Doom, moving about 6 inches of very heavy wet snow, which took longer than you might think, dug out Leah's car at the parking pad at the bottom, and had delivery pizza for lunch. We then had a nice salad for dinner as no power required to make it.  Eating healthy-ish for the win. 

Spent time hanging out doing some reading and non-electronic stuff, rather relaxing. Bundle under extra blankets and no major issues.

House is down to about 57 degrees and still dropping, but no worries about pipes freezing yet, even though outside temps want to dip to 30-32 at times during the night.  Kinda cold inside but the hot water is working. Now it's nice and sunny outside and 40 degrees.

One tree in the front yard looks to be down for the count, with half the limbs down touching the ground at this point while still attached to the trunk and not springing back. Likely will be an expensive removal operation.

As the backup batteries are out of juice we went to the office today and are recharging all the things and everyone is getting stuff done. Also brought with us most of the perishables form the fridge/freezers as ice cream is melting in one.

Had looked into a whole house generator about a year ago, but neither of the two major sellers of such ever returned my calls so it waited undone.  Now it will likely still wait as we plan to move within a certain timeline that makes the generator install rather uneconomic.

So far this is still just at an annoyance stage (I'd really like to get some laundry done, get the dishwasher done, etc) rather than a real problem.

Update:  Power was indeed restored Saturday late afternoon, which was a good thing.


Rick T said...

Our local Costco is pushing Generac generators right now, but I've been seeing reports that their sound control enclosures have ventilation problems under heavy snow, enough the unit overheats and shuts down.

glasslass said...

Had a friend when he bought his home he installed a whole house generator. In 10 years only had to use it twice. Once only for a few day and once for 11 days. When he sold his home this last year he got more way more than he was banking on and he and realtor attributed to how happy the buyers were to get a home with the whole house generator.

B said...

Consider a Honda inverter generator set. A simple transfer switch and you re golden.
Plus you can take it with you when you move.