Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Michigan Democrat's Punitive Gun Control Measures

At this point, they're doing it simply because they can. 

After all, having the House, Senate and Governor's mansion, along with the State Supreme Court, there's not a lot to stop them from pushing gun control for the sheer joy of pushing it and vindictively getting one over on gun owners who tend not to vote for them.

For impressive punitive-ness, they've introduced legislation to require a 14, yes 14, really, a 14-day waiting period before buying a firearm

There's no exception if you already own a firearm, which completely gets rid of their ridiculous claimed justification that 14 days will let a potential buyer bent on mayhem "cool down" and reconsider before doing anything criminal with the firearm. which is nonsense in and of itself. 

There's never been any actual data that this mythical cooling off period, whether 2 days, 3 days, or 14 days, does anything at all.

This proposed bill makes it illegal to transfer the firearm until 14 days after the date of sale for the firearm.  

Say goodbye to buying firearms at gunshows.   Private transactions will also get strange as you're going to have to meet the seller twice, after waiting 2 weeks after you paid them, to pickup your firearm. 

In short this is stupid, without any rational basis, and simply a Democrat being punitive because she can.

This week, I will get to the big three bills being forced through right now - the "safe storage bill", the "red flag" bill and the "registration bill".

Again, none of these things would have stopped the MSU killings, and they damn well know none of it would have, but the MSU killings are being used as an excuse to push this nonsense through.


pigpen51 said...

Is this registration bill going to force us to register all long guns like we have to do with handguns now? I suspect that they will find that by doing something this radical, they will force the conservatives to get angry and start a petition drive to put an amendment on the ballot to not only stop that, but to remove the registration of handguns. That does nothing to stop crime either, as far as I have read.

Aaron said...

pigpen51: Yes it would lead to registering long guns as well as handguns.

The Dems got clever and oput an appropriation in the bill to prevent it form being overturned by referendum (they did the same thing on the right to work overturn as well). Would require an actual amendment to the constitution level referendum question rather than a standard referendum to defeat this.

You are correct it does not stop crime at all, but is a nice punitive action against law abiding gun owners and gives them records for future confiscation under either their red flag nonsense or otherwise.

pigpen51 said...

Our newspaper today, the Muskegon Chronicle, had a huge article about the right to work. And of course, how bad it was, and how non union workers were riding the shirt tails of union contracts, etc. And how the Democrat government was such saviors riding in on white horses, in the nick of time, saving the people from themselves.
They had a couple of people from the non union side talking about some of the non union points, but the thing that was not mentioned was from the tax payers point of view, how bidding for state contracts will now be forced to pay what is called a "prevailing wage".
Of course, we knew these things were coming as a reward to the unions for their votes, but the thing is, unions were not quite as solidly entrenched in the Democrats back pocket as they traditionally have been. Things are definitely going to get worse in Michigan, before they get better.