Thursday, June 23, 2022

Victory Is Mine

Had the continuation of my trial in Downriver today.

In short, Plaintiffs lied through their teeth, got caught lying through their teeth, and had no evidence of any wrongdoing by my client, a company, because there wasn't any.

In short, the whole case was a scam on their part to try and get my client to pay them money to go away.

Notably, one of the two plaintiffs didn't even testify.  Because she couldn't.

Had she testified, I could have brought in evidence of her prior felony fraud conviction.  

Stupidly, she hadn't told that to her attorney and he learned of it through me when I disclosed all my exhibits, including her fraud conviction, before trial.

Her attorney was really not happy to hear about that from me.

So finished presenting my side of the case today and the judge granted a verdict in my favor of a no cause of action and a dismissal their case with prejudice. 

Plaintiffs were not happy to lose and having their scam fail, and were cursing at us in the parking lot afterwards yelling they hope we all die in a traffic accident.

Not very nice people.

My trial record is still without a loss so far, with one tie due to a jury screw up after a verdict in my favor that led to a retrial that ended in a win for me.


Rick T said...

Can (will) the judge order the losers to pay the winner's legal expenses?

juvat said...

Always nice to hear the good guys win. I'm liking the Supreme's record over the last couple of days very much also.
Good Job, Aaron.

Aaron said...

Rick T - Sadly the general rule is each side bears its own attorneys' fees. While egregious, the judge didn't find their conduct egregious enough to sanction them and such sanctions are pretty rare.

juvat: Yep, its a good thing. The Supreme Court;s latest cases make for interesting reading and many progressive's tears.