Sunday, June 12, 2022

Pistol Intelligence Class Day 2

Day 2 of Pistol Intelligence started a little later than Day 1, which was nice.

The day began with Bill drills, went on to transitions, and then throttle control , and it ended with the standards test. 

Each session started with a briefing and explanation of the concept, then with Riley demonstrating the concept and then the students working on it. As with the day before Riley gave everyone lots of personal attention and customized advice to each student based on what they individually needed to improve.

One fun drill we did was "Bill Drill Till You Spill".  At 10 yards you do a bill drill and keep upping the cadence and continuing to fire until you drop a round out of the A zone, or even better, see your sights leave the A Zone,  and you prevent firing off a round that will miss, or you run out of ammo in the magazine which means you weren't picking up your pace fast enough.

Great fun in learning how to speed up your shooting.

Much more ammo was burned through in practice today and lots of learning occurred.

Transitions were good and I learned some techniques and what and how to look to speed up my transitions from target to target.

Throttle control I did very well at, modulating speed depending on the size of the target.

Riley also gave a good talk on stage planning that was very helpful.

For the standards test, I improved 10% over my score yesterday. This was despite being pretty tried and wrung out after a fun day shooting in the sun.   I only missed one point in terms of accuracy but wasn't quite as fast as I would have liked to be but I think everyone felt the wheels coming off at the time.  

Learning and applying new techniques certainly helped and it was a great class.

A great class, and highly useful if you want to improve your shooting techniques and better yet begin to understand the hows and the whys to improve your techniques.

Really worth it, and I just gained a lot of new techniques and new ways of looking at this that will improve my shooting moving forward. 

I'd highly recommend the class.

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