Thursday, June 02, 2022

Green Dreams And Brownouts

 This is what happens when the greenies in power think electricity comes from skittles and unicorn farts.

Gov. Whitmer has been on a binge being against coal and nuclear and  focusing on the rather unreliable renewable and with magic thinking expecting solar and wind to eventually cover 100% of the state's energy needs

So while eschewing coal and nuclear, refusing to allow the building of coal and nuclear plants and having magic thinking instead of actually heeding reality and "following the science", Michgian is gonna get this:

The Detroit Free Press: With summer heat and storms brewing, some say Michigan is headed for brownouts

The reality is there is currently insufficient power generation to keep up with the projected demand.

Even worse, two coal plants are being shut down, and  the Pallisades nuclear plant is now shut down  taking plenty of clean, reliable power offline right when it is needed the most.  That the nuclear plant provides electricity and needed to stay open to prevent a loss of capacity. 

Gov. Whitmer was all for the shutdown before she was against it.

So, she decided to grandstand and ask it to stay open long after the decision to shut it down was made ,and the shut down was underway in the final stages and she did far too little and too late to keep it open and the closing was assured before she spoke up.  She had 4 years to speak up against the closing and plan for it, and she wholly failed to do so.  Her "attempt" if you can call it that to avert the shutdown seems to be more for show than anything else.

But don't worry, I'm sure Gov. Whitmer and her greenie allies will have all the infrastructure and power generation available for charging all those Electric Vehicles they're pushing.   If you believe that, I  have a nice bridge for sale that's linking the Michigan peninsulae together that's in great shape.

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B said...

Hope you got a generator.
And fuel for a few days.
If not, beat the rush, panic buy now.
I highly recommend the Honda line of inverter generators