Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Those Pronouncements Really Didn't Age Well

Remember when Team Biden, and his media cheering section, verily the smartest people in the room, were buys telling us what we knew was happening wasn't happening, and what we knew would happen wouldn't happening? '

Their pronouncements sure haven't aged well.

Take gas prices:

Or how about on inflation:










Certainly, neither pronouncement aged well at all.

And of course we have Biden who declares that the "economy in good shape".  I don't think that pronouncement is going to age well either, if it isn't false already.


ccm2361 said...

The Biden aministration is desparate for anyone to believe this happy talk.
They already know that due to this "good economy"; the midterms are going to be a disaster for the Democrats.
Do they do they take the logical approach, go hard about & try to salvage something?
NOPE! they are doubling down. Full speed ahead to economic & political suicide.

Aaron said...

ccm2361: That they are. Nothing positive to run on, no accomplishments they're just the anti-Trump party.

As we can all notice, Trump is no longer president and can't be blamed for the present circumstances - and things have gotten a lot worse since he has been out of office.