Sunday, June 05, 2022

Cleaning Around The House Under Pressure

So This Weekend we did some exterior clean-up, weeding and replanting.

I had purchased a pressure washer at Aldi, a Ferrex Compact electrically powered pressure washer.  For $100 it was practically a no-brainer purchase.

Assembly was pretty easy, I got it plugged in, added the water hose, and got pressure spraying.

Much fun was had, and that thing seriously blasted off dirt and grime with ease.

I cleaned off the outdoor patio set and it gleams like new.  The washer blasted off the caked-on dirt and green algae that was on the chairs and table and they now look almost like new.

I was pretty impressed with how well it cleaned them.

The pressure washed the deck and the only problem was that along with the green algae it would tend to pull off the paint but I figured out some adjustments and it all looks much more presentable now.  (yes we need to repaint the deck at some point and needed to even before I started pressure washing. For whatever reason, paint doesn't last very long on the deck).

Do need to buy some pressure washer soap and really go to town on the windows etc, without soap the washer blasted off all the Piper dirt, but I expect with some soap/window cleaner it will work a lot better.

Got a lot done and the outside of the house most especially the front porch looks a heckuva lot better.  Still more to do but it was a good start.

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Old NFO said...

Make sure to hit the windows at an angle! Those pressure washers WILL break a window!