Thursday, June 23, 2022

Top Gun: Maverick - Go See It If You Haven't Already

I took Leah to see Top Gun: Maverick yesterday to celebrate her end of the school year that ended Tuesday and her first day of freedom.

Amazingly, we had the whole theater to ourselves, which was kinda strange, so we had the choice of seats.

To say the film is absolutely excellent and a joy to watch is to understate it. 

The film hits all the right notes throughout, and was highly enjoyable with a perfect homage to the original, while not being solely a look back or depending on the greatness of the original to be great itself.

A perfect summer action movie that is a truly fitting sequel to the original.

As the theater was all ours, we did get some of Leah's running commentary.

Best commentary of the night was during the make out scene between Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connely:  "You're too old to be making out like a couple teenagers, knock it off and grow up, seriously!".

To say I choked on my beverage while laughing at the time would be an understatement. Ah, youth.

Leah loved the film, and to celebrate asked if she could drive home and before she did so could she do some doughnuts in the rather empty movie theater parking lot.

So I put on the Top Gun theme in the car and let her celebrate accordingly.

While what she did weren't technically true doughnuts, she made a series of extremely tight and fast circles to celebrate and was rather pleased to do so.

Summer has officially begun, and Top Gun: Maverick is the movie of Summer 2022.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Absolutely fun movie. Though I had to work to unbleached my stomach...