Sunday, June 26, 2022

Flying IFR - Lesson 57- Can You Hold Please?

Yesterday, I did the remedial flight. I decided to really focus on keeping the altitude under control no matter what.

I did the preflight for N9570F and requested fight following for approaches at Pontiac.

So I got passed off to Detroit Approach, starting with the RNAV 27 full procedure starting at GUZVY.

Did the full procedure at GUZVY with a parallel entry and did a nice approach to 27L.

Then up and did it again.   I kept the altitude pretty much within specs or corrected it if it started to get out of the 100 foot permissible range. Still the plane wouldn't trim out perfectly, but by always going back to the altitude indicator, I at least caught it as it tried to get out of the permissible range. Hard to do when having to do multiple things at once, but I may have finally got that part figured out.

Then I did a Localizer Back course for 27L this time with the full procedure turn, about the first time I've done that as I normally get vectors.  Once established then the G5s were turned off and I did it partial panel and did it rather well.

Then I did it again, again with the procedure turn and partial panel, and came in for a landing.

That 1.7,  4 holds, 4 approaches, and 1.4 simulated and a very nice landing.

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