Saturday, June 18, 2022

Drat - Not Flying Today

Today, I had planned to head out to KBTL, Battle Creek, for the first time with Leah to go to the Waco Kitchen and meet up with Mr. B and Midwest Chick.

Was really looking forward to it, as I had never been there, was looking forward to meeting up with them, and they currently only have their large 10,000 foot runway open so it would have been neat to land on it.

Winds were potentially going to be a bit sporty coming back with an Airmet for turbulence and with a direct 20-knot crosswind but doable, pretty comparable to what I dealt with yesterday so I wasn't too concerned overall, and the weather seems to have matched the forecast pretty much.

So, we headed out to Pontiac Airport, got to the hangar, and found there was no power at all.

It turns out that all of the hangars were out of power and DTE (our local power utility) had no estimate on restoration.  So we couldn't get the hangar door open.

The airport did have a generator on a truck to open the hangar but it was a long wait for it indeed.  I did the preflight in hangar with the personnel door propped open so we had some light and got ready to go if the truck showed up. But, after waiting a couple hours for it, we decided to pack it in as Leah was starting to get a tad hangry, and justifiably so.

So we headed to Copperstone's, a local diner close to Pontiac Airport for a very late breakfast instead.  I had never been there before but it turns out to be quite busy and popular local place. 

On the upside the service was great, the food arrived quickly, was insanely plentiful for the price - The Country Fried Steak came with three over-easy eggs, hash browns, and toast for all of $10 so yes, the food was impressively amazing and tasty, and it fixed hangry quite nicely. 

On the downside, we didn't get to head out and meet up with friends as planned.

 There will be a next time for that though.


B said...

yeah, well read on Sunday how things went downhill.....

juvat said...

Hope you had a great Father's day with your family. You've earned it.

To change the subject, SlowFacts on your blogroll had an interesting posting about the shooting in Uvalde. Apparently the police are blocking release of public records about their actions in the shooting. I'm not a lawyer, so...How is this possible, what justification might they be using? Might be an interesting post if you could provide insight on this. Seems to me there are only 3 explanations. Their logistics were wrong (No Key). Their procedures were wrong, (hold off and try and negotiate). or cowardice. IIRC, when the Border Patrol showed up, it was over fairly soon thereafter.
If you're interested in posting on it, I'll be checking back. If not, no worries, I'll still be checking back if for no other reasons than I enjoy your flying related tales.

Old NFO said...

That happens...